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Start and Scale-ups

Offering Consultancy Services to improve operations, structure, funding and market access. Bringing innovative ideas in a more efficient way and at an earlier stage to the Industry Leaders.

Consulting Services
for Industry Leaders

Supporting industry leaders to tap into unconventional solutions that are turning the world’s problems into opportunities. Benefiting from a high-performance technology scouting engine, seasoned deal making expertise and a global expert network.

Connect Start Scale-ups Founders with Industry Leaders

Bringing these Founders of Start and Scale-ups together with the Industry Leaders. Supporting these founders and together with industry leaders make market adoption go faster, and create more impact.

Participation and co-participation in Start and Scale-ups

Supporting the creation of New Cooperation Models between Founders, Investors and Industry Leaders. Supporting the Funding of the Start and Scale-ups with proper resources and joined investments from Industry Leaders and/or Angel groups.

Bespoke Services to Grow Your Business

In todays’ fast moving world, a variety of development initiatives are taken by founders of Start-ups and Scale-ups. These business solutions might not reach the right audience on time, given the lack of creditability. They need to prove themselves and get validation from the market. Subsequently, these initiatives will not survive because of missing clients and scalability in the market, and possibly in combination with lack of investment support.

However, these business solutions are born because of existing or future visioned market, production, and innovation trends. Industry Leaders do not always identify these trends in a timely matter, get behind, and therefore might lose future competitiveness.

Our overall goal is bring these Founders of Start and Scale-ups better together with the Industry Leaders and support the creation of New Cooperation Models. With that the Founders together with Industry Leaders can make market adoption go faster, and create more impact.

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Strategic Alliances & Partnerships

Unknown Group

Fuelling Founders to answer their calling to venture beyond known.

Unknown is an early-stage venture capital and business development firm, supporting founders and industry leaders to successfully bring innovations to the market: a “Venture Engine®”. Laranja Mecânica Consulting and Participation represents the Unknown Group in the Brazilian market. We jointly support Brazilian and International Founders of Start-ups and Scale-ups to grow in the Brazilian market and bring their innovative ideas to both Brazilian Companies and Government.

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Bringing modern and simple processes to clients with the main focus on generating business value.

Wisefour is a Start-up Customs Consulting company that was born with the purpose of providing the best experience to its customers through a flexible, independent and digital transformation approach. Laranja Mecânica Consulting and Participation and Wisefour have closed a strategic agreement, where Laranja Mecânica is supporting this promising Start-up company with further development of its strategy and execution in the Brazilian and International market.

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